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Firefox and Java JRE update problem fixed
Firefox browser could not display Java applets following a recent upgrade to the Firefox browser and the Java JRE. A simple soution found.
A little background to this story. As a devout convert to the Firefox browser, I immediately upgraded to the latest release, Version 1.0.2, when it became available. Shortly after upgrading the Firefox browser I found I was unable to access my internet banking account, and was displayed a standard message from the internet banking service that my browser did not have Java installed. Necessity forced me to use IE, which worked with no problems. I had also accessed the internet banking account through Firefox only a few days previously, so there was something wrong with Firefox!
I dutifully checked my browser settings and Java was enabled. I then checked the Java control panel and noticed that the option to use Java with Mozilla/Netscape was unchecked. Found the culprit? Unfortunately not. After checking the option and pressing apply, I was informed that the action could not be completed as I did not have sufficient rights to change the browser settings. Now this was a concern, as I am administrator, super-administrator, and any other kind of controlling power over my pc, or so I thought.
Time to start on a solution, so Google in hand I went on a wild search for others who had faced the same problem. It would seem that this is a reasonably new problem (at the time of writing), as very few results were returned. Those results that were on-topic offered a selection of causes/solutions, none of which worked for me. As a result of trying each solution in turn, and scouring through the folders and files associated with both Firefox and Java, I did find what was the apparent cause of the problem in my case. On the latest update to the Java JRE, the Java Plugin dll had not been updated in the Firefox plugins folder. On a whim I renamed the existing Java plugin dll and fired up Firefox again, and hey presto, everything was working. Now I don't know why the original dll had not been updated, but it hadn't, and I don't know if this solution will work for everybody, but it did for me, and I offer this advice in the hope that it can help somebody in the same position as I found myself.

  • Unable to view Java applet content in Firefox browser
  • Upgrade of Java JRE to version 1.5.0_02 does not update Java plugin dll in Firefox plugins folder
  • Delete previous Java plugin dll file NPOJI610.dll from Firefox plugins folder.
  • Prior to deleting the file I would suggest renaming the file (zz_NPOJI610.dll) to test that this solution works for you.
Machine Spec:
  • Windows XP Pro SP1
  • Firefox 1.0.1
  • Java JRE 1.5.0_02
(firefox java problem)
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Website Redesign
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