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Image Manipulation
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  A photo is a snapshot in time of people, places and events that have shaped our lives, and are irreplaceable. You can never capture your child's first birthday in a photo again. But you can preserve the photo, or make it better than it was.
Photo Restoration, Enhancing, Retouching and Manipulation
By using the latest in digital technology Lafinboy Productions can carry out restoration of your damaged photo, fixing such faults as cuts, rips, tears, scratches, fading, ageing, staining, pen marks, etc. We also provide a photo enhancing service for poor quality photos, fixing colour and contrast problems, and a photo retouching or manipulation service to remove or add elements to a photo (yes ­ you can remove that tree from your partners head!), or blend elements of two or more photos together to create the image you wanted.
Your new photos are then printed on photographic paper up to A4 size. Your original photos are not harmed or altered in any way by this process, and if you already have the photos in a digital format, either taken by a digital camera, or a high resolution scan of the hardcopy photo, then the whole process can be carried out online, with no need for the original photo to leave your custody.

We can also transfer your original photos onto CD-ROM, further protecting your most treasured memories. The photos can be copied to the CD-ROM as plain image files, or built into a self contained slide show.


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Corporate Magazine Advertising
Corporate Magazine Advertising
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